APL 14 by Hind Rabii
Hind Rabii

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Protection Sign: IP20 (indoor use) Bulb: Powerled 1w with lens Bulbs delivered: Yes Dimensions (length x width x offset) : 13 x ± 50 x ± 30 cm Available colors for flexible tube : Brushed nickel, black or brown fabric. Available colors for metal base : Brushed nickel, brushed gold and black chrome. Accessories : Brushed nickel finish Push switch on/off.

Hind Rabii, a company specialising in “sensitive light design”, has worked in the lighting sector for just under 20 years, proposing collections of indoor and outdoor lamps, all of which reflect a clearly defined philosophy: combining the clean lines of Nordic design with the creativity of its designer and founder, who uses decorative elements originating from her native country and her cultural background.