Width 32.5 cm
Depth 8.5 cm
Height 11 cm
Weight 1 kg


Colour Pearl White
Material Metal


Ip rating IP20
Light bulb cap type R7S
Maximum wattage 120 w
Volume 0.02 m3


Uriel is a collection of wall lights whose simplicity still excites, with a light that spreads across the walls and around the space gently, without irritating the eye.

It is no accident that its shape recalls the eyelid, the part of the eye that protects from glare. This is the main feature of Uriel: the three metal blades that the light is made of reflect and guide the light in order to distribute it without dazzling the onlooker, in the same way as the archangel from which it takes its name spreads his wings, to model the light and emit it delicately within the space.

Uriel, in Jewish tradition, is the angel who watches over the path of the sun and whose name means “light of God”. In Western tradition angels make visible the light emitted by God whose purity remains out of man’s reach. Uriel is available in three colours that correspond to three different aesthetic and stylistic approaches: elegant, silky pearl white; warm, reassuring bronze; precise, shiny chrome.

The collection is available in two sizes: 32.5 x 11 cm h and 61 x 15 cm h, with an overhang from the wall of 8.5 cm and 10 cm respectively, in accordance with US ADA regulations. It uses linear, energy saving bulbs of 120w and 160w respectively.

Manuel Vivian

Born in Venice in 1971, Manuel Vivian obtained his diploma at the Venice Art Institute and began to design at a very young age, blown glass in particular, thanks also to his family business. Following the success of his first projects in glass, Manuel enlarged his range of interests to various other fields of interior design. Since the creation of Axo Light in 1996, he has collaborated constantly with the company and has become one of the main designers.

Manuel designed for Axolight some of the most famous collections, such as Bell, Skin, Skirt, Aura, Clavius, Spillray, Fairy, Virtus, Polia LED, Framework LED and many others.

Axo Light is one of the most dynamic companies in the rich and complex world of Italian design.