Width 67.5 cm
Depth 67.5 cm
Height 87.5 / 79.5 cm
Armrests height 63 / 71 cm
Seat height 42 / 50 cm


Finish Matt Black, Chromed Base
Frame finish Chromed


Year 2008


The idea for Annett is based on the insightthat the application of breathable elastic mesh, stretched to the correct tautness on a continuous frame, is a way to make a seat that forms a seamless whole with theb backrest, an extremely comfortable kind of elastic shell.

The shell is made up of an uninterrupted polypropylene frame and thin, highly resistant elastic fabric, stretched to perfection. It offers exceptional comfort for long hours of sitting, perfectly meeting the demands of the world of computer work. In particular, the mesh, available in meticulously coordinated colors, offers a remarkable ease and breathability, meaning that Annett can stand on an absolutely equal footing with upholstered seating. Annett is slim, breathable and elastic, with the additional merits of sinuosity and grace, which to no extent detract from the chair’s functionality and crisp rational precision.

Francesco Binfaré

He was born in Milan, where he still lives. He learnt to draw and paint from his father. In 1960 he met Cesare Cassina, who was the first to offer him the opportunity to practise his art in the industrial field. From 1969 to 1976, he was the director of the Centro Cesare Cassina, a design research laboratory: it was here that he began to transfer the processes of his artistic practice into his design research, exploring new and original methods to enhance individual and collective creativity, and he involved architects and designers in the creation of products destined to enter Italian design history. In 1980 he established his own Design & Communications Centre, for design research and promotion. He designed the staging and props for the launch of new products and invented what would later become known as the event concept, giving the space being designed a theme and a title of its own. In 1992, he was invited by Massimo Morozzi to design for Edra and some years later he developed the collection Annett for Magis.

Established in 1976, Magis combines design, technological innovation and a 100% Made in Italy ethos to create high quality products.