Anita by Il Fanale
Il Fanale

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Ø 22cm - L 70cm H 80/150cm 2x Max 46W E27

Enchantment beyond time A romantic and refined language for the Anita collection by Il Fanale. Like finely interwoven fabrics, Anita presents a series of shade lamps with the shade in white ceramic having soft and delicate drape. The thread, skillfully pierced, calls to memory the finest laces and embroidery that have represented an age. Ideal to be collocated in environment with ancient atmosphere or to give a touch of romanticism to some special corner in the house; Anita’s white ceramic shade blossoms in the air being held by a frame in old-looking brass. The processing of this collection, like all of Il Fanale’s, follows an artisanal approach sticking to tradition. The ceramic is processed following ancient methods and the metal parts undergo an accelerated oxidation process to give them a patina defined as old-looking. Every single element of the lamps is hand-cleaned, polished or made opaque through the application of specific waxes. Anita is offered in the pendant, appliqué and ceiling versions with varying shade diameters. Technical Features Materials: ceramic and brass Colours: White Types: Pendant, appliqué, ceiling and floor-lamp versions

Founded in 1979 in San Biagio di Callalta near Treviso, Il Fanale creates lamps with a strong evocative and expressive potential, artworks with a long-time spirit, pieces that combine a sublime craftsmanship with the latest lighting techniques.