And Why Not! Sculpture Pendant Light

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René Roubíček´s chandelier designed for Lasvit named by its author "And why not!" refers to his lifelong experimentation and searching compositions and forms incarnated in glass.

The chandelier´s emotionally intense sculptural form resembles a flash and is an evolution of Roubíček´s core designs based on dynamic abstraction. Light gliding on large smoothly polished surfaces while absorbed by the mass of the glass creates a unique atmosphere.

René Roubíček

René Roubíček (1922 – 2018) is a Czech glass-working icon. Glass art as an independent art discipline was actually born in Czechoslovakia, and it was first introduced to the world by Mr. Roubíček, well over half a century ago. His spatial and dimensional abstract compositions, combining metal and glass, caused a sensation at the 1958 Expo in Brussels. Subsequently, Roubíček won the Grand Prix Expo award. His work is represented in many major galleries worldwide.

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