Height 7 cm
Inner diameter 33 cm
Outer diameter 41 cm


Structure finish White metallic


Colour rendering index 90
Colour temperature 2700 k
Diffuser Cylindrical translucent methacrylate
Dimmable yes
Level of protection IP55
Light bulb type Built-in LED
Light bulbs included yes
Max wattage 40 w
Year 2009


AMIGO (meaning friend in Spanish, which is an acronym of “aplique de Miguel y Gonzalo”, in other words, the wall lamp designed by Miguel and Gonzalo) is the first product jointly designed by the aforementioned father and son duo, top representatives of two generations of Spanish design.

It comprises a central opaque disc with a light source, with vertical translucent walls forming a kind of inner shade to disperse the light outwards. Since it is screwed into an outer fixture with the same height but a larger diameter, the distance between the two gives the effect of a luminous ring that does not shine the light out sideways. In addition to protecting electrical components, its airtight resistance prevents insects from nesting inside it to keep it clean and maintaining an even glow.

A design commissioned by Santa & Cole on account of the work to reform the company’s headquarters in Parc de Belloch, where it repeatedly appears on pergolas and passageways, the Amigo wall lamp is an exercise of flawless simplicity where nothing is surplus to requirements.

Santa & Cole is an editing company from Barcelona that lives for industrial design.