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The Alto desk was first shown in Milan in 2001, when Andreas Engesvik was still a part of the designer trio Norway Says. After founding his own design studio, Andreas Engesvik redesigned Alto with several improvements in 2013. The result is a contemporary classic that will find its place either in a small home or in a larger public space such as a lobby. Alto is a small, utilitarian desk inspired by the Scandinavian Design tradition. The light base in solid oak and the organic shaped top form an elegant desk with a well-sized working space. In Italian, the musical term ‘alto’ means ‘high’, and the slim legs on Alto creates the feeling of an oversized top soaring high above the ground. Or maybe Andreas was inspired by a certain legendary Finnish architect, taking cues from his organic forms and sculptural designs? All in all, Alto stands out as a poetic piece perfect for writing new stories or simply taking care of existing chapters – independently in the living room or as one of many in the grand of office. Desk | 770 x 1160 x 680 mm

Fjordfiesta is a small but beautiful furniture studio based in Molde on the west coast of Norway.