ALA3 H297 B420 D308 mm, ALA2 H420 B594 D308 mm, ALA4 H210 B297 D308 mm

Altavoz designed by Carlos Tiscar in 2011, is an open storage solution with an angled interior that gives it a strong visual impression. The underlying idea is that the shelving should act as a “visual loudspeaker” that exists to amplify the qualities of what is being stored or displayed inside. Altavoz comes in three sizes: A4 (210x297 mm), A3 (297x420 mm) and A2 (420x594 m), all 308 mm deep. By hanging several of these boxes on the wall – horizontally, vertically or scattered over the surface – it is possible to create a storage solution with a dramatic and dynamic appearance. Alternatively you can stack the boxes directly on the floor or stand them on a table. The wooden frame is available in eight standard colours and the sheet-metal inserts come in a choice of pink, yellow, blue and beige. Altavoz is as much at home in the living room or kitchen as it is in offices, studies, lunch rooms, halls, conference rooms and wherever else you are looking for an unusual and eye-catching storage solution.

History The furniture company of Karl Andersson & Söner dates back to 1898.