Alpin chair by HUSSL

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The “Hussl Alpin” furniture series is the result of our fascination with the archaic furniture of the Alpine region. A few years ago, we wrote an article for the cultural magazine “Quart” about the Alpine sitting room and the many usage scenarios offered by its simple benches along the wall. An exhibition we presented at the AUT (Architecture and Tyrol) forum led to our collaboration with Peter Hussl. Together, we have explored different sizes of the Alpine bench, from footstool to outdoor shelter. To photograph the furniture that came out of this poetic work, we have brought them back to their place of inspiration: the Farm Museum in Kramsach.

On a narrow terrace of the River Inn in the mountains of the Austrian Tyrol, 20 km east of Innsbruck, lies the 2000-strong village of Terfens.