Width 118 cm
Depth 34 cm
Height 110 cm
Weight 23 kg
Writing board height 97 cm
Writing board width 65 cm


Material MDF Board
Pen holder and eraser finish White
Upholstery Blazer Lite LTH39


Eraser size 5x12.5
Pen holder and eraser included Yes
Pen holder size 10x12.5
Size Small
Writing board type Single

Alp screen walls consist of a thin curved flat surface that associates with a curved paper or a sheet hung over a clothesline.

The empty space inside the screen provides the opportunity to insert several sizes of screen walls into one another, like a Matryoshka. This means that you can regulate how much shielding and sound absorption you need.

Glimakra of Sweden is a Swedish value-driving company with factors as Scandinavian acoustic higher design, greater flexibility and better quality. With these, we create favourable soundscapes for different types of public spaces.