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Bird Lamp As if just landed from a little journey across town, these birds calmly hold on to a ‘branch’ and light up the room through their illuminated cone shaped tail. The multi-angel joint at their feet allows them to move and rotate in various directions. The Alouette collection encompasses ceiling lamps, standing lamps, desk lamps and a wall lamp. For colors as well as sizes please consult Atelier Areti. Materials: Powder coated metal. Colour options: black / white / brass inside of ‘tail’ For additional colour options please contact Areti. Bulb specification: The lights are equipped with a universal halogen fitting and can hold halogen lamps of the type: G 4, G 5.3 and G 6.35 (35W max per bird) light bulb not included. Includes transformer.

Atelier Areti is a design studio based in London. Our work is driven by the desire to create beautiful objects that add to the quality of life of their users as well as those involved in their making.