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sunset material: 100% recycled HDPE dimensions: width: 18.34 ̋ (47.6cm) depth: 23.75 ̋ (60.0cm) height: 33.5 ̋ (84.8cm) weight: 23 lbs (10.4kg) 184 reclaimed milk jugs

Alfresco Bench The Alfresco Bench Collection is a series of modern outdoor dining benches. Designed to complement our Alfresco Table Collectionor serve as a standalone piece, Alfresco benches are available in 22-, 47-, 58-, 68- or 81-inch sizes. Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic, these picnic benches slide neatly beneath the table to create more deck space for dancing or for when it’s time to sweep up after the party. Alfresco Cricket Chair Similar to a cricket’s chirp, humans converse at different rates depending on the temperature of their environment. This collection of modern patio dining chairs is designed to warm up the environment – aesthetically anyway – and induce social interaction. As well as being a conversation aid, the simple seat and back angles are comfortable to sit for extended periods of time. Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic, no maintenance is required – ever. The Cricket Chair is available with a solid back, a slotted back or a back with a spiracles design. Alfresco Dining Chair This modern picnic chair makes it easy to clear everything out of the way when your outdoor dinner party turns into an outdoor dance party. Made with a heavy 1-inch thick recycled plastic frame, these stackable and durable chairs will never blow away – or shake off the deck from all the thumping. Made in the USA and available in a flat or curved version. Alfresco T81 The T81 Outdoor Dining Chair is designed for outdoor activities like eating, drinking and talking. The plastic outdoor dining chair is heavier than it appears, so it won’t blow around when not in use. Its small stature works perfectly when you bring folks together in close proximity. The chair frame is solid at 1-inch thick, and the half-inch-thick seat and back offer a little flex. Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic. Alfresco Table Constructed with a 100 percent recycled plastic frame and top, Alfresco Outdoor Dining Tables are easy to clean and require no maintenance. Made in the USA, this collection comes in 10 environmentally friendly colors. Available in a variety of formations and sizes: a square 30- or 36-inch, a round 44-inch, and a rectangle 62-, 72-, 82- or 95-inch.

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