Width 22 cm
Depth 45 cm
Height 40 cm


Colour Copper
Material Copper


Size Five litre


An exact reproduction of the distillation tools of centuries past. Today, grappa and liquors are distilled using the same technique, under the careful watch of the master, or even to be done at home thanks to instrument like this.

This faithful reproduction of a 17th century ornamental still was built to regulatory standards. In perfect working condition, it is made of completely hand-beaten 8/10 copper. Assembly is very simple as the pieces are interlocking. To avoid any leakage of vapour the joints can be sealed with a white flour and water paste. Once the container (boiler) has been filled with the mixture to be distilled, it is advisable to cover it with the lid (heat conductor) and to place it on a stove (gas, electric or wood burning) to bring it quickly to the boil. Once it starts to boil, replace it on the stand and light the little gel burner, put the lid on the heating coil and start the distillation.

It is a good idea to add cold water or ice to the container which houses the coil as this will aid the vapour condensation cycle. Any excess hot water can be drained into a bucket or similar container through the small tube at the top.

The excellent technical quality and design of this still also makes it an ideal instrument for the distillation of perfumes and essential oils. It has already been used for teaching and demonstration purposes on various television programmes.

Seeking out artisanal values embedded in Italian territory, Eligo brings together a collection of handcrafted objects that draw significance from their history and quality.