Weight 3.62 kg


Materials Porcelain, Beech wood, Cork


Albe is an apart homeware collection that consists of kitchen containers, inspired by the eatable mushrooms found on Romanian ground.

The name and concept comes from designer Dragoș Motica’s childhood, when his mother always reminded him not to place hot dishes directly on the table, so as not to damage the varnished veneer. With that in mind and a little technological effort, we managed to put into practice the concept of plates that support themselves only on three points.

Dragoș Motica

Passionate architect and product designer, Dragos has successfully developed products in the fields of furniture, lighting and interior design. Working within the fields of architecture, interior design, product design and graphic design, Dragos developed projects ranging from limited edition experimental works to serial products. In 2015, Dragos was awarded A’ Design Award Gold Medal, for “/” Lamp, and received several other awards offered by the Romanian Association of Furniture Manufacturers for other furniture products.

Ubikubi was founded by Robert Savu and Dragos Motica in 2014. The partnership is a spontaneous outcome of a fruitful preceding bond, the two already sharing a common experience in many projects they have worked together and found affinities.