Air by Sancal

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In order to be completely comfortable in our home we need our furniture to be adaptable to our space and character. Air is conceived to resolve diverse requirements – without compromising the clean and respectful design – and to sit in harmony with other aspects and objects that characterise our sitting room. The main characteristic of Air is the multiple compositions we can attain with simple variations of depth and height of the pieces that comprise the collection. The difference between the modules Air 100 and Air 115 are 15cm of seat depth. In both cases it is possible to choose backs of 81 or 88cm height. The three different designs for the arms and the rest of the complements offer more possibilities: upholstered tables, poufs and extra cushions. The options for the arms are: wide, narrow and high; and can be combined in the same composition. The high arm option is perfect for forming a corner option. The aluminium feet are hidden for a certain lightness of design: seeming to float on air! Technical data Solid wooden structure covered with foam and fibre shell. The seat and back structure are fitted with NEA webbing. The inner seat, arms and back are made with HR Ultracel foam of different densities. The inner cushions are made of Fiberdream and the covers are 100% cotton It has anodised aluminium feet. The range, except the tables, has fully removable covers when upholstered in fabric, and only the cushions when the piece is upholstered in leather or synthetic leather.

Our home is our refuge: always ready to welcome us, it is where we feel most comfortable and the place which we are always glad to return to.