Year launched 2013

Dimensions: 0,7 x 0,8 m - 27½” x 31½” / 1,3 x 1,1 m - 51¼” x 43¼” / 2 x 1,9 m - 78¾” x 74¾” Yarn Composition: Polyethylene Fibrillated (PE) Primary Backing: Reinforced Fleece of Polypropylene.(PP) Reverse: Polyurethane drilled to no retain liquids. (PU) Total Weight: 2 kg. Total Height: 18 mm(±5%)

Her designs - instantly recognizable by their imagination, optimism, and humour - set the stage for this latest creative endeavour. Following the success of their last joint venture, Agatha and Vondom have designed a collection of outdoor rugs characterised by the designer´s hallmark spontaneity and brightly coloured bold designs. The capsule collection comprises of red and fuchsia rugs come that come in three different sizes. Her unique and quirky vision of the world is communicated in the rugs´ offbeat shapes. Organic in nature, they work in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings; and their highly resistant material ensures their durability and longevity in the outside space. A colourful collection to inspire and brighten the outdoors, helping to create your dream garden.

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada first stepped into the fashion world in 1981. The collection proved to be such a success that she soon opened her first studio-shop in the Spanish capital and started to participate in fashion shows in Madrid and Barcelona. Although Agatha gained a certain level of recognition early on in her career, her true fashion breakthrough came when she allied forces with one of Spain ’ s most important de - partment stores, El Corte Inglés. Thanks to this partnership, the designer ’ s collections were soon distributed throughout the entire national territory. Having con quered Spain, Agatha little by little started to cross borders and gain international recognition by means of her fashion shows and exhibitions and then expanded the family of products: clothes, furniture, perfumes...

A lifestyle, a way of being. That’s Vondom.