Diverse new appearances are available also for the AFRA family now: The shade made of steel is now available in the options outside black or white and inside gold or silver. The gold leaf on the inside is applied by hand and creates an atmospheric warm light. The silver more for a “clear” contrasty light. New as well for the pendant is the LED technique. Glare-free from the top, from the bottom the LEDs are assembled in far up position to enable an installation of the lamp in a position higher as normal over the table. The red col. detail, to be recognised at the pull switch of the floor- and table lamp, is here placed at the cable outlet at the shade of the pendant. In case a number of lamps should be installed, a track between the ceiling parts for cable intake is available as well. The pendant can be ordered with black or white coloured outside shade, on the inside optionally gold leaf or silver plated. Dimmable with leading edge or trailing edge dimmers. With a LED 13 W, 1360 lm, warm-white 2700K,

In its new shape the AFRA as table lamp captivates, same as the floor lamp, by its pure appeal and the crafted made shade. New is as well, the availability in white colour. The shade is inside silver- or golden-coloured coated. A black textile cable and a red pull-switch are completing the lamp. Material: metal parts white or black lacquered shade inside golden- or silver-coloured coated. Factorydesign

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