Adjust S OLED S-3 by Bernd Unrecht lights
Bernd Unrecht lights

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AD – S – 3 - NE - OLED OLED-suspended lamp with 3 adjustable lighting-arms, height adjustable by wire stopper, hinges: Chrome shiny; aluminium, steel: powder-coated, color: BLACK, cables: BLACK, OLEDs: ~ 450 lumens, dimmable

The “Adjust” series of flat OLED light panels emit glare-free and diffuse light into their surroundings. Floating in the room like the weightless panels of a satellite, they can be turned in different directions on a ball joint for playful effects: now inwards, now outwards. energy-class: A++ till A light source: OLED-panel*, warm-white, dimmable (constant current 300mA: 1-10 V, Pot, push-dimmer), CRI 90, panel-size: 14 x 14 cm, luminance area: 12,9 x 12,9 cm, ~ 3000 Kelvin, 3000 cd/m², live time: ~ 40.000 h, per panel: ~ 150 lumens / consumption: 2,55 W This lighting fixture contains built-in OLEDs. The *OLEDs of this lighting fixture are replaceable only by the manufacturer.

Since its inception in the year 2005, the company Bernd Unrecht lights has been designing, making and selling decorative lighting fixtures for homes, with a timeless classical approach and elegance of form.