ADELE SOFT by Frigerio

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With its high armrests flush with the backrest, the Adele Soft armchair succeeds in creating an impressive piece of furniture combining modern design with simplicity of form, without yielding anything in terms of comfort and relaxation. In other words, it makes for the perfect furnishing for both household and commercial environments. Also noteworthy are its unique legs in the shape of truncated pyramids, which add weight to the strong geometric disposition of the piece.

Collection of small armchairs, small sofa and dormeuse, suitable for commercial spaces, thanks to its different seat depths and heights. The wooden feet give to this model a light and elegant look. The armchairs “Adele” and “Adele Junior” are particularly suitable for meeting rooms and restaurants, while “Adele Soft”, is more suitable for relax areas.

Frigerio is a family business specialized in upholstery production.