Adela Rex Armchair
Andreu World

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Adela Rex’s design has great precision. It combines perfectly three pieces, like a puzzle, without fittings, screws or additional materials, making the seat and backrest interlock smoothly through curves and careful details.

Its wooden feet also stand out for their curves and workmanship, in a fine play of lines, which refines its shape.

Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck has always been subversive and iconoclastic, with a vision that never leaves anyone indifferent and that speaks of humanity and intelligence. Unpredictable, visionary, with an influential philosophy of life and thought, he believes that creation in any form should make life better for as many people as possible.

His way of working is that of a hermit. To create, he secludes himself "in the middle of nowhere", including his refuge in the mountains or the dunes of Portugal. He has everything he needs there; in essence, his brain and his pencil. Without forgetting the omnipresent presence of nature, crucial to his well-being and inspiration. Separately, in Paris, he maintains a team of his closest collaborators. If you call in the morning, you may get an answering machine that asks you to call back in the afternoon, because in the morning the team is thinking.

Andreu World has grown and evolved convinced that our philosophy, attention to detail, excellence and good design, is the fundamental guide to continue being who we are now and in the future.