Add Barstool Upholstered - Set of 2

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The Add stool/barstool strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics and function.

The sled base tilts the stool to the rear, while it tilts the seat forward. A balance for those who stop and go. The seat’s natural incline provides an ideal position, encouraging the user to stand up from time to time. Active seating allows active and creative meetings. Adding the generous back enables shifting between active and a more relaxed sitting.

Anya Sebton

Anya Sebton started working with Lammhults directly after graduating from Beckmans College of Design. She was awarded Young Nordic Design. Anya´s work as a successful interior architect allowed her to gain an understanding of the interior requirements of some of Sweden´s most important clients. Combined with her collected educational experiences, this has produced a well-rounded artistic and functional approach to furniture design. Anyas designs offer unexpected details and a further characteristic is that they have a unique graphic expression. Anya Sebton´s design is found in Airports, Embassies, Museums and other high profile locations World Wide.

Since our beginnings in 1945 in the small town of Lammhult in southern Sweden, Lammhults has adhered to the principles of the Modern Movement instilled in the company by our founder Edvin Ståhl.