Achaia | 1290-I by Draenert

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Achaia is the archetype of a wooden table. The most impressive characteristic is the possibility to extend the table in depth. The table seats 8 persons. 10 persons can comfortably dine at the table in the extended state. The clear shape and the protruding angles of the table edges are repeated at the table legs and the matching chairs. The table keeps its natural appearance due to the fine polished and oiled surface. This table from solid wood can be opened synchronously along its longitudinal axis. The folding plates integrated into the table will be mechanically raised when unfolding the table. The center section of this folding panel will optionally be of solid wood or will haven an inlay of black-grey ceramics for safe placing of hot pots etc. Draenert supplies a table for the first time in combination with a matching chair. Achaia & Argos – in the same design style from the design office Maly Hoffmann Kahleyss. Achaia can be supplied in American walnut or oak. Further wood types can be supplied on request. The extendable table with folding plates or the extendable table with integrated storage space have a table length of 240 cm. Achaia can be supplied in lengths of 200 or 240 cm as a fixed variant without mechanical features. 98 x 200 cm, extended 131 cm wide | height 74 cm 98 x 240 cm, extended 131 cm wide | height 74 cm 98 x 200 cm | height 74 cm without extension 98 x 240 cm | height 74 cm without extension

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