Width 50 cm
Depth 43 cm
Height 75 cm
Footrest height 23 cm
Seat depth 35 cm
Seat height 64 cm


Base finish Wood Black Oak
Base material Moulded beech plywood legs with top oak veneer
Footrest finish Metal Stainless Steel
Shell finish Plastic Black
Shell material Injection moulded solid-coloured polypropylene
Upholstery Remix 2 113


Base construction Plywood legs section connected with solid oak top parts which are glued and fixed with embedded metal brackets. Footrest - screwed to the frame.
Glides Standard Plastic
Suitable for contract use Yes

The bar stool About A Stool AAS32 has the same capacity for transformation as the other designs in the series, ranging from a minimalistic plastic stool to a more full-bodied upholstered version.

With a curved backrest and long, elegant wooden legs, it enjoys a simple yet strong visual presence that makes it ideal as a bar stool in a public environment, as well as for informal meetings and meals. Available in two heights and in a range of wood finishes, colours and upholstery options.

Hee Welling

Hee Welling & HAY

‘Hee has a great sense of proportions, form and aesthetic, and he remains punctual and reliable throughout the process. Hee designs things that are a pleasure to look at – like the About a-series, which has gradually expanded to include some thirty different models, in clear testimony to the strong qualities at the heart of the product.’ Rolf Hay.´ Rolf Hay

As a child, Hee Welling spent endless hours in his dad’s cabinetmaker’s workshop, building models, exploring technical possibilities and decoding the potentials of materials. His work is still firmly rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition that defined his father’s profession, but he has added an industrial edge that embraces modern possibilities. Over the years, Hee’s work with the furniture models inspired him to apply to the furniture department of the design school; once enrolled, he gradually realised that it was the industrial approach that ultimately held his passion.

The combination of technological possibilities and simple, functional design is Hee Welling’s drive and the hallmark that he has refined over the past ten years. ‘I’m deeply fascinated with production techniques, machinery and materials and with creating products that reach a wide audience.’

Danish inspired furniture and accessories for modern living