Aapa 1760 by Woodnotes

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Aapa is a hand-tufted relief carpet. It is made of 60% wool and 40% linen. The varying pile height forms lively stripes and shadows. Linen and wool also reflect light in different ways, which adds life to the carpet. The hand-tufting offers the opportunity for vibrant use of threads and colours. Aapa has eight different linen yarns to every woollen one. Hand-tufting makes variations in yarn possible. “When you step on the carpet, you leave a footprint as if you were stepping on sand”, describes Ritva Puotila, the creative director of Woodnotes. You often see a tufted carpet placed in the most important area of the home, providing a background for the rest of the furnishing. The carpet must leave room for the decorator’s imagination. The overall philosophy of Woodnotes is that all items in the company’s collection can be freely combined, regardless of material or colour. The pile weighs 2.7kg per m2. Each Aapa carpet is individually made to size. At Milan, Aapa will be wearing two new colours: Sand and Stone. Aapa comes in White, Warm grey, Chocolate, Black-gold and Black as well. Aapa has a relief structure, and the varying pile height forms lively stripes and shadows. Production method: hand tufted Pile material: 60% wool (hard twist), 40% linen Pile height: 25 / 35 mm (stripes) Pile weight: 2,7 kg/ m² Suggested application: residential and light contract Sizes: Carpets are supplied to order. The maximum width 5 m and maximum lenght 13 m. Production tolerance +/- 2 cm.

Woodnotes is a Finnish design company founded by Ritva and Mikko Puotila in 1987.