8245/3 Volpino by Kusch+Co

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From the thoroughly universal seating series uni_verso sprang the idea to develop this series. About two years ago, Kusch+Co launched this successful seating series with either plastic or wooden seat shells, combined with seven very distinct frame options. A collection of slender multi-purpose side chairs and armchairs suited for a plethora of environments. Prior to uni_verso, Norbert Geelen had already penned the series 8200 Volpe – mainly designed to furnish upscale lounge areas – oozing the appeal of a classic sculpture. The extremely comfortable seat shell, available in two variations, can be mixed and matched with a variety of frames. uni_verso, Volpe and the youngest family member Volpino. Three series – one "patchwork family", Design by Norbert Geelen. The matt surface comes in five harmonious, muted colours. An inconspicuous, hardly noticeable stripe pattern, tapered towards the back, adds a fine texture to the seat shell and at the same time makes sure that the user sits tight. The seat shell is made of polypropylene: a high-grade plastic with ideal properties for contract seating: it is a hard-wearing material that is easy to clean and to disinfect. This plastic offers the advantage that the fibres can be evenly dyed. Even a flame inhibitor can be added to the plastic. The traffic white seat shell is flame retardant as standard. On top of this, this plastic can be moulded into a seat shell boasting a stable and sturdy thickness without losing its elasticity. When leaning back, you can experience the dynamic comfort this seat shell has to offer. Similar to a cantilever, you can rock slightly backwards and forwards. With optional upholstered seat and back pads, you can add colourful touches and even more comfort. Good-looking design, muted shades, available with upholstered pads. Volpino is a most elegant invitation to take a seat. Practical coffee table. Adding the right touch to all areas. The sizeable dimensions make this series ideally suited for the furnishing of large rooms on the one hand and smaller waiting areas on the other hand. Volpino could be anywhere. Just to sum up a few possibilities: the variation with the central column is the ideal choice for reading rooms in libraries or for home offices; Volpino can also be a multi-purpose chair in start-up businesses, or even a 2 to 6 seater bench building cost-effective and space-saving bench configurations, for instance in airports. The practical coffee table is the finishing touch to any seating configuration. Series Volpino, Design by Norbert Geelen – the most elegant invitation to take a seat!

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