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Benches are essential to the interior decoration of waiting rooms in a wide variety of environments, such as public buildings, administrations, congress and trade fair centres, hospitals and nursing homes, airports and railway stations, just to name a few examples. Preference is mostly given to space-saving benches with a high level of functionality. Series 8000 stands for Public Seating characterized by a new aesthetic design language. Designed by the well-known Porsche Design Studio, whose technological know-how and creativity is high in demand by international brand manufacturers. This trendsetting team merged their competence with the experience and expertise of Kusch+Co to create an exceptional and truly innovative bench series meeting all the specific requirements of waiting rooms. This bench series is sure to mesmerize the market. Series 8000 is an exceptional symbiosis of engineering and design, giving wings to your imagination and inspiration. Puristic, vigorous, innovative: these characteristics best describe series’ 8000 design language. The slender, gently curved seat shells are inspired by the wings of an airplane. The seat shells are elegantly strung together, mining the natural beauty of a light swell. The ingenious design allows a “continued seat design”, linking the seat shells together in an “endless” row. The vertical aluminium strips between the seat shells define each seat separately. Design down to the last detail! This bench is crafted with an exceptional eye for detail! The perforated pattern in the sheet steel seat and back is inspired by the “warp and weft principle”, creating the impression of a more natural textile look. The seat shells may be linked together endlessly, at any angle. Armrests are retrofittable at any given time; seat and backrest are easily replaceable after many years of heavy duty use. The benches may be equipped with country-specific in-seat power ports and plug connections for laptops and mobiles. In addition, as a result of this high level of modularity, the shipping volume of the parts and components is reduced by almost 50 % compared to other bench series. Key word: “Environmental protection”. These new benches boast many green assets. For instance, the frame is manufactured in recycled steel and aluminium. The seat shells are optionally made of wood. Upon request, a low flammability foam with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 label may be used, 100% chemical-free. A comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration is available for most models, detailing all the Credit Points for the LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). Series 8000 has been designed to complement the existing product range 7100 Terminal, a best-selling bench series that has been on the road to success since the middle of the nineties. A seating capacity of over 100,000 seat units has already been installed in more than 140 international airports.

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