606 Universal Shelving System by De Padova
De Padova

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Type Bookcase, a very flexible storage device. Freestanding or wall-mounted. Material Uprights and sections in anodized extruded aluminium or white epoxy powder coated. Shelves, containers and mobile internal shelves in anodized aluminium sheet or white epoxy powder coated. Drawer units with two or three drawers in anodized aluminium and desk unit in natural anodized aluminium or painted white. Finish / Colour Uprights: anodized satin-finish silver or white epoxy powder-coated. Sections, shelves, containers, mobile internal shelves for containers, drawer units: anodized satin-finish silver or white epoxy powder coated. Note The uprights are used for floor-to-ceiling installation and can be adjusted by 4 cm at the top and the bottom. Uprights are always paired with sections. Supports: used when the uprights are placed on the wall, to attach the bookcase to the wall. Highly recommended for bookcases bearing heavy loads, and for all uprights taller than 3 m. Reinforcement crossbars in anodized aluminium, used only for bookcases with uprights; inserted in every span, one for each meter of height. The section is directly attached to the wall or combined with the upright, in the case of a divider bookcase. Section of 57, 114, 171 and 200 cm have a perforation interval of 7 cm and can be put one over the other. The sections with heights of 11 and 39.5 cm can only be used for the positioning of the single shelf (11 cm) and the single container (with door or drawers, 39.5 cm). In the case of use of wall-mounted sections, test the consistency of the wall to find the best attachment point.

De Padova was founded in 1956, the year in which Maddalena and Fernando De Padova opened a small store on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, and decided to import Scandinavian furniture.