3 LED by Milán Iluminación
Milán Iluminación

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Ø 318 mm H 78 mm S Max. 503 mm

Full series that includes wall lights, table lamps, floor lamps and pendant lights offering many options for decorating that unique space, all topped with an elliptical head of elegant design that uses 3 4-W direct LEDs, and with a luminous efficiency of 480 lumens, enough to light a headboard, writing or work desk or reading sofa. Those models with two elliptical heads provide enough luminous efficiency to be used as the main wall lights in a bedroom, as pendant lights for kitchen or dining room tables, or even as floor lamps for indirect lighting in a room. The head is manufactured using zamak injection moulding and offers the unique feature of having the 3 internal LEDs placed in small towers to facilitate the dissipation of the heat emitted by the LEDs, ensuring the average useful life established by the manufacturer, which certifies 50,000 hours as long as the operating temperature does not exceed 70ºC, a fact that has been verified by internal testing in our laboratory. The underside’s injection-moulded polycarbonate shade is designed so that the LEDs are at their most efficient and, at the same time, gives the head as a whole a neat and compact appearance. The head rotates 230º on the axis so that the light beam can be directed to perfectly illuminate and meet the needs of any space where the models are installed. The switch is part of the head to make it easier for the user to reach. This range is finished in polished chrome plate, except for some models, which are also available in a lacquered white satin finish appropriate for different uses.

Since 1960 MILAN Iluminaci—n have been committed to the distinctive Design of its products, to maintaining standards of Quality in each and every one of the components used in manufacturing our lamps, and to providing our clients with a conscientious Service.