1x1 trestle coffee table
Another Brand

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1x1 trestle coffee table

The 1x1 Trestles are versatile and multifunctional with simple yet playful characteristics. They can be used in many different ways to support table tops that have different material/colour finishes on both sides. Also a single trestle can function as a side table or a coffee table.

"We often strive to achieve a degree of multi-functionality where possible in our work. Our hope is that our work will not date and have a degree of longevity so they can be passed onto future generations.” - Studiomama

The 1x1 Trestle Coffee table finished in clear oak 5% gloss lacquer with a glass top.

Another Brand is a simple collaboration between designer and manufacturer working directly as partners to create a business with products rooted in the DNA of Another Brand.