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Inno 15MP | 20MP | 30MP Inno 15RP | 20RP | 30RP Inno 15M | 20M | 30M Inno Octopush Inno P5R | P18R Inno L15R | L15M Inno 15R | 20R | 30R

15M, 20M, 30M, Cylinder formed plain or perforated paperbaskets in black painted steel or polished stainless steel. Available in three different sizes and as an umbrella stand with rainwater dish. Special sizes on request. 15 litres Diam.: 250mm Height: 380mm 20 litres Diam.: 250mm Height: 500mm 30 litres Diam.: 300mm Height: 550mm

Inno was founded in 1975 and started by importing high quality design accessories to Finland.