120 Sofa Chiné by Red Edition
Red Edition

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Measures: Length: 47,2” / Depth: 35,4” / Height: 30,1” WEIGHT: 90 lb Colors:
 Flecked Fabric: Anthracite T01 - Dark beige T03*

The 120cm sofa is designed to adapt to all interiors. An additional sofa for large spaces or main seating for a small room, it allies the sobriety of the contemporary with traditional the curved lines of vintage furniture. Sitting on your own 120 centimetres leaves you with lots of room to curl up and it’s also snug and perfect for two! Big seating cushions make it extremely comfortable. The Red Edition sofa 120cm is available in single colour fabric or dual colour. It will find a perfect place in your home as a small sofa or armchair depending on the space you have at your disposal. Velvet Fabric: Chic Gray T25*
 Dual Colors: Peacock Blue Velvet/Zag Celadon T42 * *To order

RED EDITION Modern furniture for the home   Red Edition was founded by Cyril Laborbe in 2006.