1010 Bina by Kusch+Co

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Kusch+Co 1010 Bina Kusch+Co 1010 Bina

Four legs, a seat, a backrest. These are the essential “ingredients” to build a chair. However, by mixing these parts together, the number of possible variations is almost limitless. That is why designers always succeed in reinterpreting the concept of seating by adding their personal touch. Unfortunately, only the crème de la crème is granted the luck of becoming a vintage chair or a much-coveted designer classic. Only time can tell what the future has in store for the new Bina series by Kusch+Co. However, one thing is sure, series Bina is poised to conquer the markets and find its way into a broad spectrum of contract environments. Its design language is characterized by both simplicity and playfulness. This chair looks rather compact, yet surprisingly slender and graceful. A testimony to its economical use of wood. The cross frame minimizes materials usage without compromising on stability and safety. The legs are positioned vertically – so no tripping hazard there. The legs meld almost invisibly with the cross frame via cornice milling. This type of milling is this series’ signature when looking at the rear legs. The slender backrest itself is elegantly arched and has been designed to look as if a cloth has been laid loosely over the back. The beech plywood seat rests on the cross frame through spacers, enhancing the optical floating effect. Frame and seat can be stained in a wide variety of appealing colours – f.i. entirely stained in black or white. It is possible to colour-coordinate the stain with the upholstered seat pad or on the contrary to create exciting contrasts with a bold choice of colours. Series Bina is somewhat of a set piece of what can be done with wood as construction material – this contract chair has been designed with perfect artisanship and virtuoso woodworking. The result is not to be sneezed at. Series Bina is a chair with character, cutting an extremely elegant figure.This series is universally suited for a plethora of contract environments. Its clever design is space-saving and therefore cut out for bistros, canteens and restaurants. This chair is also complementary to the interior design of waiting rooms or dayrooms.

Kusch+Co GmbH & Co. KG, Hallenberg/Germany.