Phil Cuttance

United Kingdom

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I am interesting in creating objects whose form, often detailed and visually complex, belies the hand-made, lo-fi processes by which they are created. Some of my objects are assumed to be made using processes such as 3D printing, or CNC routing, but they are all 100% handmade.

Hands-on production

Originally from New Zealand and now based in London, Phil constructs all of his objects in his North London studio, and everyobject is 100% hand-made.

Almost any shape is achievable now using CNC and 3D printing technologies, and these shapes can be made to be almost perfect. These technologies definitely have their place in design and craft, but I think their increasing ubiquity makes the truly hand-made more valuable. I like to create objects which appear initially to some viewers as potentially made using these technologies, but closer inspection reveals they aren't perfect, That they are clearly handmade, their imperfections giving that away. I like to invest time and effort into developing hand-made processes which encourage that confusion.

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