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We are Pastoe. By looking at our furniture you can tell who we are.

We stand for furniture without hodgepodge. We love to work with easy to read shapes and need based functionality, which makes our designs timeless and genuine. We give our customers space to add identity through configuration, colour and addition of self collected showpieces. That is why we say: My Pastoe creates space.

Pastoe is a member of the Dutch Interior Industry and has been a constant contributor to its heritage for only the last 100 years. A signature recognized and loved again and again by our customers. This connects us and our customers into a far bigger Pastoe family.

The Pastoe Team

This morning Klaas, our master furniture maker, finished a Noon sideboard for a customer in Libanon, while Trudy had a conference call with our supplier about the improvement of the quality of the MDF, an important base material for our products. Joost, our designer, was engaged in a lively debate about next year products, the colours and the finishes, so our advertisement agency could prepare the photography to properly present the collection on the website.

A customer called about the repair of the lacquered door of a 30 years old Pastoe cabinet, in which his granddaughter had edged a drawing of a dog. The benefits and challenges of manufacturing your own, high quality furniture becomes very clear every day and at the same time makes us very proud to be part of the Pastoe Team.

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