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Onecollection was founded in 1990 by Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen who still run the company today and passionately provide high quality design solutions in cooperation with excellent designers.

Onecollection, or Hansen and Sørensen as the company was originally called at its start in 1990, is based on conviction and personal relationships. The attitude is, and has always been, that in order to take in a project – whether it is a new chair or the full interior of a building – there has to be good vibes from the beginning.

From a small outpost, practically as far west as you can get in Denmark, we have managed to make clients all around the globe believe in projects. The journey has not been without obstacles, but with passion and enthusiasm we keep convincing people – not least some very critical banks in the beginning – and this is still the main reason why Onecollection is thriving today.

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