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NORR11 is a Danish design brand founded in 2011 and driven by a vision to bring new perspectives to modern interiors.

The design team are lead by founder, Tommy Hyldahl, and Kristian Sofus Hansen, fusing traditional Scandinavian and Asian design languages to create pieces that are truly unique, timeless and full of character.

The emphasis in the designs are balanced equally between aesthetics and functionality and offer a luxurious aesthetic at an affordable price.

NORR11’s designers work closely with the factories in Europe ensuring that their designs are exacted and built to the best possible standard for the user.

Over 90% of the NORR11 collection is manufactured with European suppliers that strictly adhere to EU environmental standards and industry certifications. The wood is FSC and the entire collection uses a water based lacquer contributing to low VOC emissions.

The warehouse is strategically positioned in Germany at the central point nearest the European factories where the products are consolidated. This is to ensure a reduced carbon footprint.

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