njustudio products meet the need for more than bare function: They are food for thought on issues of our post-modern life – they create links to individual experiences and memories.

The product as a medium

We are njustudio, a design collective which develops, produces, and distributes furniture and objects.

The reason we as designers choose not only design for large companies, lies within the fact that we prefer to bring our own ideas to life, which we discuss not in business briefings, but rather over freshly-cooked lunches. When we eat together, we are able to laugh and discuss ideas, as well as deliberate current topics, headlines, findings, scandals... everything that is a part of our day-to-day life.

Due to this practice, many questions and key findings regarding our daily lives have risen. It is from these ideas which we develop our products, our materialized thoughts, which serve more than just bare functions: they allow one to contemplate on questions regarding our post-modern lifestyles. We at njustudio often invite friends, relatives, or colleagues to take part in our informal discussions. Our lunch successes can be owed to all the delicious food.

After we decide upon a thought, we begin the form-finding process. This results in the first sample, the first prototype.

The final models of our pieces, which are available to you here & now on our online shop, are developed across the span of a year, undergoing metamorphoses as our thoughts regarding the piece evolve.

All in all, it takes a while for ideas to develop into products; but meals must be eaten every day. If you're close by, think of us and invite yourself over!

The future remains normal.

Warm regards, njustudio*

Local produced products

The njustudio-furniture and objects are planned and readied with the close cooperation of craftsmen from Coburg and it's surroundings. With this regional partnership, our esteemed European materials remain authentic and highly-valued.

Apart from using traditional handcraftsmanship, we utilize the modern manufacturing processes available within today's furniture and upholstery industries. By now, we've established a successful network of craftsmen, suppliers, and industrial enterprises who communicate with us as well as each other in order to efficiently produce the best results.

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