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New Works is a Copenhagen based design house, which aims to create pieces of work at the intersection of design, craft and art.

Through collaboration with international acknowledged designers, we add a spice to our Scandinavian heritage, which we respect, but want to challenge. Our approach is heavily influenced by our experiments with natural materials and geometric forms, giving our work a nice sculptural touch. We strive to build objects that are not just comfortable to sit in, but also interesting to look at.

Natural and experimental

We love the simplicity of pure nature and we have the utmost respect for the materials we work with. our objects will aim to celebrate the core values of each material to build upon the expressions that are given to us by nature.

Through experiments with forms, materials and function we will push the boundaries for what you can expect from a piece of design work. we will always strive to create interesting silhouettes at the intersection of art and design.

Roughness and craftsmanship

For us, roughness is what brings honesty into the work we do. without being pretentious we aim to have a rough expression in the elements we use and the objects we produce. our materials are natural, our colours are dark and our state of mind is open.

We are rooted in a Scandinavian design tradition where craft is a prerequisite. we respect our heritage, but we also want to use our skills to push the traditions and challenge them with new ways and new methods.

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