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NARBUTAS is a Lithuanian-based company with a global presence.

Narbutas International is one of the fastest growing major European Office Furniture Manufacturers and showed consistent growth year on year.

Our mission to make quality and modern workspaces available to more people.

NARBUTAS covers the full product development process: ideation to design and production.

We provide our clients with solutions that are proven to work and bring value to the people using them everyday.

Our design solutions do not chase the short-lived local design fads but provide products that will remain relevant and aesthetically pleasing over longer periods of time.

By combining Italian design, subtle Scandinavian minimalism and natural Lithuanian coziness, we deliver design that will outlast short lived regional fads and will be easy to integrate, expand or combine with existing furniture and interior solutions.

There is no office culture that works in the same way, there is no team that has exactly the same needs. This is why we specialise in custom made office furniture that attends to individual needs. All ideas that are created by designers or architects we turn into functional and ergonomic office furniture.

This is one of our strengths and differentiators in the context of other office furniture manufacturers.

“For many years, the company has been growing, surprising everyone – society, customers, partners and even ourselves. Everyone wonders what the secret to its success is. The answer is simple – a motivated team and the right strategy!” Petras Narbutas

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