nanoo. The original.

nanoo. The original. When you buy a nanoo table by Faserplast, you’re buying the Swiss original. For more than 40 years, our highly weather-resistant tables have been in use where people like to be: outdoors. In garden centers, canteens, cafes, on terraces or balconies. nanoo is at home everywhere. However bad the weather may be, nanoo never pales. Fiber-reinforced plastic technology makes nanoo suitable for all kinds of weather and every season. nanoo tables are indestructible, stable and lightweight. You can choose and create the shape, colour and base frame to suit your own personal taste! And that’s not all. The extended nanoo outdoor range from Faserplast also includes new ideas for sitting and reclining. “Pebro” for instance: a bench which is upright before you sit on it. “Deckchair” is the understated design recliner for outdoor and indoor use: so comfortable you will not want to get up again! However you may wish to design your outdoor space, our recommendation is simple: do it with nanoo from Faserplast. You and your guests will appreciate the difference: sitting down, standing up and reclining.

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