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Tailor-made luminaires. Exceptional quality.

Mullan Lighting design and manufacture bespoke lighting for the commercial, hospitality, retail and residential sectors. Based in Ireland, they sell to over 55 countries worldwide. Their focus is on product quality, innovative design and flexibility of manufacture.

Prior to establishing Mullan Lighting in 2009, Mike Treanor expanded his horizons by travelling the globe for almost a year. Mike draws on his experience as an architect and influences and inspirations sourced through travelling to help craft luminaires that are enjoyed the world over.

Mullan Lighting now has an ever expanding team of designers and crafts people creating beautiful pieces for a wide range of discerning customers. From bulbs and suspensions to more intricate fixtures and bespoke shades, Mullan Lighting is striving to be a permanent fixture for all your lighting needs.

The Mullan story is indeed one of both downfall and rejuvenation. Established in 2009 in Mullan Village, Mullan Lighting manufactures their innovative light fixtures inside what was once a flax mill during the 18th and 19th centuries. The village, which straddles the border with Northern Ireland, was, at the time, a bustling rural centre. Later the mill building would become a shoe mill up until the late 1970’s before lying abandoned for over 25 years. The loss of employment and the closing of the border roads during The Troubles meant that the village was all but abandoned towards the end of the last century.

Mullan Village has experienced rejuvenation since the establishment of Mullan Lighting with many of the lighting engineers, designers and craftspeople now living in the restored mill houses of the picturesque village.

Mullan Lighting has an unrelenting focus on product quality and on providing exceptional customer service. The majority of their success to date is based on the experiences that their customers have had and their willingness to share these experiences with others.

Along with quality and a willingness to serve their customers and clients as best as possible, Mullan Lighting focus on providing the shortest lead times in the bespoke lighting industry, innovative design through a team of experienced lighting designer and flexibility of manufacture with a team of highly skilled crafts people.

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