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Born from the desire to create something different, MINDTHEGAP shows eclectic collections and unique designs with a strong artistic identity.

We do not advocate a single style and try to combine an array of different elements with a goal of creating something new. Playing with old photography and antique illustrations combined with modern graphics and contemporary patterns, thus reinventing everything vintage in order to create fabulous home d├ęcor.

All of our products are designed in our studio and are created in MINDTHEGAP factory by using only premium natural substrates. We are in love with linen and cotton and we also like to use reclaimed wood. We print only with Eco-Friendly inks and all of our products are finished by hand in the artisans traditional way.

We dream about MINDTHEGAP products being vibrant elements in the spaces that decorates, but in the end it is far more important for us to be a source for a life full of creativity.

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