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MAMAGREEN MAMAGREEN designs and manufactures high end outdoor furniture since 2007.

MAMAGREEN MAMAGREEN designs and manufactures high end outdoor furniture since 2007. True to uncompromising quality all MAMAGREEN furniture is designed to be exquisitely beautiful, luxuriously comfortable, but also extremely durable. The exclusive outdoor furniture collections are suitable for residential and hospitality use. The name MAMAGREEN is meant to invoke thoughts of Mother Earth. It stands for our promise to create beautiful outdoor furniture using an environmentally friendly and socially responsible process every step of the way. The outdoor furniture is meant to blend harmoniously with nature to create an inspiring place for the body and mind to relax. Founded by the Belgian designer, Vincent Cantaert, MAMAGREEN is co-owned and managed by a Belgian-German-Swiss team of outdoor furniture experts. MAMAGREEN furniture is available worldwide. A sophisticated combination of natural and industrial materials gives the MAMAGREEN brand a pure and elegant look. ECOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY MAMAGREEN has a passion for the enrichment of the community and humanity as a whole. Building a genuine culture of morality within our corporation is an essential part of who we are. Every choice we make as a company is looked at from this perspective. We understand our responsibility to society and the environment. And we take this responsibility very seriously. We understand the importance of minimizing any negative effects our manufacturing process has on the environment. We do not keep a stock of our products; our furniture is not built until it is ordered. We have designed interesting and luxurious products that are manufactured strictly from the left-over materials from our other product lines. This eliminates the amount of waste we produce and limits the amount of new material that must be created. We have cultivated our manufacturing process so that it is as environmentally friendly as possible at every step of the way. With the use of recycled materials and eco-friendly processes, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the only thing left at the end of the manufacturing process is beautiful and comfortable furniture. We have researched and determined the most responsible way to acquire the raw teak material that is used in our production. The recycled teak we use is just that, recycled. For centuries in Indonesia, teak wood was used in all kinds of construction, from buildings to boats. Often these structures have been abandoned once they are no longer needed. These structures are deconstructed and the wood is then shipped to us to be refinished and reused to make luxurious furniture that tells a historic story. Our plantation teak is harvested from sustainable teak farms in Indonesia. We work closely with the government to acquire the highest quality teak that has been grown for the purpose of harvesting. The teak plantation industry is closely monitored by the Indonesian government to ensure that it does not impact the environment in a negative way. The plantations are built on land that was cleared centuries ago. The trees are grown in batches, and for every tree that is cut down, a tree is planted to replace it. This renewable natural resource provides a benefit to the environment by reducing the effects of deforestation, and the jobs that are created benefit the local community. MAMAGREEN QUALITY Quality is essential to the growing success of our brand, but it is also a pledge we make to our customers. MAMAGREEN is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality, eco-friendly outdoor furniture. However, we are nothing without delivering superior quality. The confidence we have in our product stems from the knowledge that we deliver excellence to our customers. From the initial innovative designs, the meticulous production process and our dedicated customer service, everything about MAMAGREEN reflects a company that produces furniture of only the highest standards of quality. This is craftsmanship expecting only excellence. We use only the best, weather-resistant materials and using supreme craftsmanship to hand-finish every single piece of furniture to perfection so that we can guarantee high-end final products that will endure even the harshest outdoor conditions. These materials are regularly tested to ensure that they remain true to the standards we expect, the highest. At MAMAGREEN, we have taken great effort to ensure that we have set the bar higher than any of our competitors. This ensures that each piece of furniture that we produce is of the highest possible quality and will thus also last for future generations to come. This is the promise we make to you, our respected customer. THE DESIGNERS Vincent Cantaert is a third generation furniture designer. Like his father, and grandfather before him, he has dedicated his life to creating furniture that is both unique and supremely comfortable. His talent has been are honed by a combination of his childhood memories of watching his father create beautiful furniture with the experience he gained studying art in university. It has given him the tools to design furniture that is minimalistic, beautiful and comfortable. Barbara Widiningtias has spent a lifetime in Indonesia’s demanding furniture industry. In university, she was particularly intrigued by the different applications of wood in interior design. She studied the different ways wood can be used to create different feelings through its design. At MAMAGREEN, she lends her expertise to design furniture that is stimulating for the mind and gives comfort to the body. THE TEAM: The creative process of MAMAGREEN is a team effort. The design team makes sure that MAMAGREEN continues to be synonymous with both elegance and creativity. Blending minimalist design with innovation and maintaining an eco-conscious approach. The team believes in always being creative and innovative, aiming for product excellence, bolstering the image of our brand with passionate determination and striving to be the best in all that we do.

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Candlelight Lamp Light Oak
Le Klint
Candlelight Lamp
Alumina Table Lamp Sapphire Blue
Alumina Table Lamp
Alpone Throw Blanket Camel
Alpone Throw Blanket
Ndebele Rug Ndebele Green, 200 x 300cm
Ndebele Rug
Lan Rug Indigo, 180 x 336cm
Lan Rug
Backstitch Busy Rug Busy Brick, Large
Backstitch Busy Rug
Diamond Rug Blue-Green, 300 x 390cm
Diamond Rug
Degrade Rug Petrol-Wine, 300 x 400cm
Degrade Rug
Ply Yellow Rug Yellow
Ply Yellow Rug
Ply Blue Rug Blue
Ply Blue Rug
Musico Dining Chair Satin Brass, Divina 3 106
Lee Broom
Musico Dining Chair
Aura Pendant Light Resin Rose
Established & Sons
Aura Pendant Light
Frisee 252 Armchair Ashwood 0028
Frisee 252 Armchair
Blend Bar Stool Natural Walnut
Stellar Works
Blend Bar Stool
5321 Table Lamp
5321 Table Lamp
Type 80 Wall Light Metal Rose Pink, With cable/plug
Type 80 Wall Light
Type 80 Table Lamp Metal Rose Pink
Type 80 Table Lamp
Flowerpot VP7 Pendant Light Gloss Red Brown
Flowerpot VP7 Pendant Light
Lato LN8 Side Table Warm black & Emparador marble
Lato LN8 Side Table
Fly SC4 Coffee Table White oiled oak, Bianco Carrara marble
Fly SC4 Coffee Table
Round Pouf Faded Velvet Ocean
Round Pouf
April Coffee Table, Low Ash Natural Oil
April Coffee Table, Low
Podia Oval Coffee Table Black - Podia
Podia Oval Coffee Table
Hide Side Table Hide Rust Red
Hide Side Table
Gear Coffee Table Concrete - Chalk
Gear Coffee Table
Vuelta Table Lamp
Vuelta Table Lamp
Ripple Carafe Glass Smoked
Ripple Carafe
Insert Side Table Black Ash
Insert Side Table