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Memories Objects We create unique, timeless and sustainable designer objects which transmit a different viewpoint of the world around us. "Every object tells a story, stories of entrepreneurship, design, craft and technology. More importantly they tell stories about those who made them their own, knew how to look after them and dreamed of them being given as presents to loved ones or passed on as a cherished legacy to their heirs".

Mad Lab is a Madrid-based design company committed to innovation and good design, both in terms of objects and a lifestyle.

The collection of objects is determined by singular pieces of diverse functionality and strong symbolic character. The main feature of our collections is that are well made, well manufactured. We’re all for reclaiming the long-lasting object — the heirloom — as opposed to ones with built-in obsolescence.

We apply our philosophy of sustainability to all areas of our business; products are durable, of proven quality, made with certified materials and highly recyclable. Furthermore, they must be manufactured locally and with a vision of a better world for us all. The objects are crafted with utmost care by artisans and industrialists, giving an additional value to the design-craft-industry relationship by promoting fair trade values.

Actually, we're editing Hector Serrano, Mario Ruiz, Borja García, Eli Gutiérrez, Vicent Martínez, Sohei Arao and Antonio Serrano collections.

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