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Londonart an actual wallpaper must know how to combine design, functionality and materials.

The beauty of a wallpaper, however, lies in being a contemporary and custom made element, able to respond to the different needs of space, coverage and design.

Londonart is all this: we have designed and created tailor-made wallpaper, works of authentic craftsmanship, for a contemporary, design, unique and functional product.

The identity of our brand is in fact a combination of fashion, graphic elements and architecture; materials, fabrics, aesthetics and decoration that blend with functionality and the need for rationality of spaces, for results that are both impactful and harmonious.

Contemporary needs have made Londonart wallpaper an element of pure furnishing, specific and on demand, on a measure, for every size and outside any standard that meets all the needs of designers, architects and interior designers.

Londonart is contemporary:

an international spirit in an artisan soul and atelier: a name, Londonart, which recalls the essence of the art of design, through the concepts of decoration and planning.

A universe of expressions to transform any space into furniture. Londonart wallpapers thus become fashion that covers surfaces, design that transforms environments.

Londonart is functionality:

A new concept of wallpaper as a pure furnishing element, capable of transforming any space into a unique, personal and innovative complement.

We have researched and designed a wallpaper that is a concrete proposal to give a rational expression, able to solve the problem of empty spaces, since it can be customized and tailored to every need.

Londonart is art:

The Londonart wallpaper patterns are expertly created by our designers: artists, architects, illustrators, tattoo artists and stylists who put their hands, eyes and ideas in a mix of inspirations and moods with a metropolitan, natural or illustrative touch that furnishes with multiplicity of solutions, beauty and planning.

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