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Artisanal attention for detail with a passion for quality materials and sustainability. Liqui Contracts creates products with a friendly and uncustomary style designed in Brighton and made in Britain.

"We want our products to be the antiques that people are reupholstering years into the future, the pieces that have a timeless design and are built to last." — Cameron Fry

Liqui Contracts’ innovative and award-winning commercial furniture and lighting are designed and made in Britain and sold worldwide. Coming from a designer/maker background, the design studios deliberately overlook the main workshop making it easy to maintain a strong link between the process-led design approach and how Liqui  products are made. By combining modern technology with traditional techniques Liqui Contracts can achieve the highest standard of finish whilst maintaining large-scale production.


As part of Liqui Group Ltd, Liqui Contracts was initially started by designer/maker Cameron Fry in 2007 with the aim of establishing a design practice with a multi-disciplined approach. Liqui Contracts design and manufacture contract furniture and lighting for architects and clients engaged in projects around the world. The practice has become known for creating contract grade products that have a domestic aesthetic; giving them both durability and a friendly appeal with their distinctive style.


With sustainability in mind, the entire Liqui Contracts range is designed and manufactured in Britain where the company can draw on a pool of highly skilled craftspeople and consistently high-quality materials. The team of designers and makers work together in a studio/workshop to develop commercial products that combine utilitarian purpose with a designer edge. Using a mix of traditional skills and modern production methods, such as CNC, Liqui Contracts can manufacture hand finished products on a commercial scale without compromising quality.

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