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Guided by a profound appreciation of wood in its most natural form, L.Ercolani is a global design company with a legacy of craftsmanship dating back to 1920. Founded by Italian-born furniture maker, Lucian Ercolani.

Today, Lucian is fondly remembered for both his craft and his compelling personality — a magnetising presence that imbues his formative designs with warmth and precision. The lasting relevance of his designs in contemporary society further cultivates his eminence as a visionary figure within the world of mid-century modernism.

An enduring imprint of genuine artistry, devotion to quality and an intrinsic understanding of wood acquired from decades of studying the material’s aesthetic and structural qualities.

L.Ercolani’s diverse portfolio seamlessly traverses the past, present and future of the brand, a careful balance of which is reflected in every piece of furniture we produce. L.Ercolani aims to endeavour and honour this harmony of past and present in their collections, crafting sensible, enduring furniture with a poetic and timeless presence.

By collaborating with international designers, L.Ercolani strive to challenge the perceptions of design, evolving their practice with fresh eyes and diverse perspectives. While having a gaze fixed on the future, L.Ercolani looks to new generations for inspiration and enlightenment, combining century-old traditions with innovative technology. 

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