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LENSVELT HISTORY The creation of our company lies in the early 60 when Mr AG Th.

LENSVELT HISTORY The creation of our company lies in the early 60 when Mr AG Th. Lensvelt started with the import of the original Barber Chair. 

Lensvelt was founded in 1979 by Mr. A.G. Th. Lensvelt. 
The core activity was the sale of wooden executive furniture. The executive furniture was soon adopted by fellow producers of office furniture as an extension of their products. 
 For in those days quality was already an important condition for success. 
This fact meant that Lensvelt started with his own production facility. This decision led to a boost in sales, because the flexibility and quality of the products were elevated to a higher level. 

The desire awoke to develop Lensvelt further as a sales organization to a broader range of office furniture. This resulted in 1986 in an exclusive import contract for the entire range of a German manufacturer of office furniture. This was the first introduction of an office-system-furniture within the organization. Working with this package led the organization to a higher degree of professionalism. Selling furniture system requires knowledge work processes and ergonomics. Due to the growing sales, the formation of a logistical and administrative organization was needed to control the total processes. 

In 1989 the company decided to continue as a producer of office-system-furniture. 
As a result, the organization in 1990 introduced the Compass system furniture line. Compass was the first office-system on the Dutch market which complied in accordance with BS 2449.
Compass was a huge success because it complied with the ergonomics of the nineties and because for this time, it had a very modern design for a reasonable price. 
 The interior of City hall in The Hague, with 300 workplaces in 1993 was the breakthrough for the company in the design world. The American architect Richard Meier designed for this project the furniture line CHTH (City Hall The Haque). It is for the organization the launch to cooperate with many internationally renowned architects and designers, including Wiel Arets, Paulo Rizzatto, Joep van Lieshout, Marcel Wanders, Richard Hutten. The pay-off 'Leading in Office Design" was born. 
 In 1995, the collaboration with Wiel Arets led to the introduction of the first acoustic sliding door cabinet in the market under the name Stealth, which in the year 2009 is still a successful innovation. The strategic alliance with Moooi in 2001, gave Lensvelt a broadening range of products designed by Marcel Wanders. 
Moooi offers a variety of design products for the home market, which are also very well suitable in the office. They provide a pleasant and homely atmosphere. In 2001 Lensvelt also started the cooperation with the leading magazine "The Architect" to introduce the Lensvelt Interior Architect Award (LAI). 
The LAI is an award for interior architects in The Netherlands and Belgium. The price is born from the desire for more attention for interior architecture. 

 From strategic motives in October 2006 the company merged with Gispen International and become part of the GLG, Gispen Lensvelt Group. Gispen is known as an ergonomic office manufacturer, Lensvelt is a producer of idiosyncratic office furniture. After the merge both brands remain operating independent, on the market. The merge created a company that according to the directors Peter Veer and Hans Lensvelt is distinguished by "quality leadership in design and innovation". 
 Today we are designer and manufacturer of innovative and distinctive project office furniture for everyone's work, thinking, creative and relaxing space under the motto "Leading in Office Design". 
Through the modular design of our products we are able to deliver tailor made solutions which meet the highest quality. Flexibility and customization remain our natural allies. Our range is not limited to a catalogue or standard products. In consultation with the interior architect and / or client we are able to develop a special piece of furniture or modify an existing office furniture line. This will find us a suitable partner in driving forward in innovative work environments. We offer a wide range of office furniture products. Recent solutions include design can be find found in STUDIO designed by Marcel Wanders Studio, NaBT from Dirk van Berkel, Urban Workbench Lensvelt Design Team and The Foldable Desk by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz.

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Pier Bar Stool Black Stained Oak
Pier Bar Stool
Pier Counter Stool Black Stained Oak
Pier Counter Stool
Candlelight Lamp Light Oak
Le Klint
Candlelight Lamp
Thay Rug Thay Grey, Large
Thay Rug
Alpone Throw Blanket Camel
Alpone Throw Blanket
Oblong Tray Side Table
Oblong Tray Side Table
Ndebele Rug Ndebele Green, 200 x 300cm
Ndebele Rug
Lan Rug Indigo, 180 x 336cm
Lan Rug
Diamond Rug Blue-Green, 300 x 390cm
Diamond Rug
Degrade Rug Petrol-Wine, 300 x 400cm
Degrade Rug
Ply Yellow Rug Yellow
Ply Yellow Rug
Ply Pink Rug Pink
Ply Pink Rug
Musico Dining Chair Satin Brass, Divina 3 106
Lee Broom
Musico Dining Chair
Aaram Bar Cabinet Natural Ash
Kam Ce Kam
Aaram Bar Cabinet
PH Septima Pendant Light
Louis Poulsen
PH Septima Pendant Light
5321 Table Lamp
5321 Table Lamp
Type 80 Table Lamp Metal Rose Pink
Type 80 Table Lamp
Type 80 Pendant Light Metal Rose Pink
Type 80 Pendant Light