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There is an increasing demand for a different way of working and living.

There is an increasing demand for a different way of working and living. It means abandoning work as a status symbol and embracing work as an enrichment of your life. A major role in this is played by meetings, sharing knowledge, freedom to create, co-creation and developing talent. Or, in other words, living, working, discovering and enjoying. For this, Lande creates Meeting Places and Working Environments. Lande offers a perfect mix of form and function. Contemporary designs for multifunctional purposes. For offices, schools, restaurants, theatres, shops and libraries. For every type of work. Easily and flexibly. Lande not only produces a large number of product ranges but also tailor-made solutions. Because finally every enclosed space requires a different solution, a different concept. Lande knows how to measure and adjust. To design. To produce just as you want it. Reception desks, reading tables, desks, coffee corners, presentation walls, meeting furniture and concentration units. And a lot more. All made efficiently, to the highest quality and with a personal touch.

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