Lagrama was born in 1982 as a furniture manufacturer for home.

Lagrama was born in 1982 as a furniture manufacturer for home. During the 90's it was specialized in furniture for young people's bedrooms. In 1995 it introduced its first brochure with wardrobes for dressing-rooms and bedroom suites. During 2005 it introduced the Avatar System giving the choice of customizing the furniture with pictures. Life Box is a new idea from Lagrama. A collection which has been designed to furnish the whole house with all ages in mind. Life Box can give solutions to a range of ages from zero to twenty-seven, from a nursery to a modern loft. The versatility of the product means that you can furnish any room in a very personal way. Thanks to the KUBOX, AIRBOX and BLINKBOX systems and the easiness with which they can be combined, you can make different designs adapted to different needs. With Life Box the are fifteen choices of finish, nine lacquers, nine different handles, a choice of different edging, fronts or shelving. You can also print personalized images or gradients of various colours on the flat fronts of a product. With the wardrobe door, panels or backs you have a whole world of possibilities making each piece unique.

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